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Clean, Smooth,  Accurate.

We program all parts to not only be within tolerance but exceed finish expectation.

We are experts in Plastic Machining.

Weather or not it comes to common plastics such as Delrin, PVC, Nylon and UHMW or more high-end plastic like PTFE, ULTEM, and PEEK. We got it!

Glass filled? Compsite materials? YES we can! With Pristine Precision's knowledge of tooling we can get the best results in an effiecent manner! 

 Aluminium, Brass and Bronze.

We commonly use alot of tooling made to cut these soft metals to cut plastic which for us makes change overs a breeze! let us tackle your soft metal projects as well!

Getting Creative to save money!

Some projects may have design features driving up machine time and unesseray cost. We are willing to work with your Engineering Team to save you money!


On time delivery is something we take pride in!

Need something now?

ask about expedited parts.

Hand written drawing sketch or idea ?

Bring it to us lets make that dream a reality! 

Customer service in manufacturing?

Not every project is for us but our philosiphy is solving a persons problems will pay itself forward. if we can't help you. Chances are we know who can even if that is a competitor.

Experience Matters


Machining Years of Experience


Years in Programming Plastics



Design and Machining

Let's grow together send or bring your Prototype to us and let's get it to production!

The world is changing so is the work force and company needs. We all need realationships we can count on to help us grow. Time is money! The advantage of working with a small business is YOU are our priority! If you succeed we succeed!

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