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Our Mission

Is simple quality, affordablity and on time delivery across the nation and around the world .

We are small but look to grow and create a manufacturing company for the furture expanding our capablities to lead in simplification of customers with manufacturing  needs.


Our Story

Owner/Operator Chris Black like many americans has worked in manufacturing for over 17 years. Starting out working for a major player in a rubber extrustion business making gaskets for the automotive industry he was facinated by machining and the fact that raw materials could be shaped an formed into just about anything. after a few years of extrusion Chris left to pursue a Career as a CNC operator he worked nights and studied manuals while running machinery. He was able to work his way up from operator, to setup, to Programmer and finally to Production Manager. After several Management changes at his previous employer. Chris decied to quit his job an forge his own path. With the hope to keep american in the major manufacturing space for many years to come. He created Pristine Precision.

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